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The QUALITY you deserve, the PRECISION you expect.

With cutting-edge technology and our team of highly-trained professionals, Avery Land Services will deliver “the QUALITY you deserve, with the PRECISION you expect.” Avery Land Services brings the expertise of a full team of professionals to our client’s projects. We offer a professional network to support sensitive timelines and meet all business objectives successfully.
Our professionals have developed long-standing relationships with clients in the energy industry by providing quality service. Timely response and the capacity to anticipate the needs of our clients is a trademark of our organization.


By engaging a team of experienced energy industry professionals, Avery Land Services is able to bring their extensive knowledge to the table. From pipeline construction to terminal projects, wind farms to electrical transmission lines, our professionals can skillfully navigate energy projects that vary in size, scope, and schedule.


Avery Land Services adheres to the most rigorous professional standards in the industry. The Avery name carries a history of quality and integrity that has been the cornerstone of our success.
Accountability is the core component of our safety culture. It is a company-wide effort that is reflective of our commitment and active participation on all levels, from management to field staff.


In today’s world, technology plays an integral part of every project. Avery Land Services utilizes state-of-the-art field equipment, office software, trained experienced personnel, along with collaboration within the industry to ensure we exceed expectations.

This combination translates into client solutions that are done:
SAFELY – By using state-of-the-art technology such as LiDar scanning and Reflectorless Total Stations, Avery Land Services fosters an integrated approach utilizing training and technology to ensure we maintain the safest environment at all times.
EFFICIENTLY – Utilizing experienced personnel, Avery Land Services can guarantee methods are used to complete every aspect of the job with precision and accuracy.
ON TIME – This combination translates into client solutions that are done safely, efficiently and on time to ensure project success.


-Construction Route Survey and Staking
-Site Development and Layout
-Plats/Legal Descriptions for Easement Acquisition Support
-Preliminary Route Development and Planning
-Boundary Survey and Mapping
-Aerial Mapping Solutions
-Facility Layouts
-Construction Survey Support
-FAA Permitting Support
-GIS Mapping
-As-Built Surveys
-Project Management
-Engineering Support
-4-Way Sweep

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