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What is API 1169?

The Federal Government, via the Department of Transportation and its Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration will require professionals in the pipeline inspection industry to have the knowledge base in regard to inspection in the field. The American Petroleum Institute (API) guided the development of an exam and certification process to provide all inspectors a professional standard that identifies a knowledge level within the industry.

API 1169 Inspector Certification Program is a 3-hour, 100 question exam to measure the knowledge base of pipeline inspectors. The exam will require you to have an understanding of code reference documents and federal regulations. Interstate Natural Gas Association (INGAA) in association with their membership have targeted to have 100% of pipeline inspectors obtain the API 1169 certification by the end of 2018. If an inspector desires employment from an INGAA member company, which most energy companies are a member, the API 1169 Exam should be on your radar. Avery Technical Resources, Inc. encourages pipeline inspectors to review the information that follows and consider the exam in the very near future.

Does API 1169 fit with other industry certifications?

Pipeline inspectors and other industry professionals are encouraged to take this certification exam. Before application to take the exam, candidates should review the qualification requirements of the Individual Certification Program (ICP) via www.api.org. The American Welding Society (AWS), Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) and NACE inspectors that are considered specialty will also have certifications available to compliment the certification process.

Should I take it now? We are here to help!

It is highly encouraged that pipeline professionals secure this certification. Currently this exam is ONLY offered 3 times/year, so wait times for registration should be considered. ATR has partnered with VELOCITY TRAINING to offer the “Avery /Velocity Training Online API 1169 Prep Course”. Utilization of this preparation tool can increase your chances of passing the test. As a support service, you will have access to 24/7 assistance, if needed, by utilizing the chat feature located within their course content. Velocity Training boasted a 96% passing rate for the July 2018 testing window and also offer a 100% guarantee policy that states if a student does not pass the exam, we will provide them with another training course for their retest at no charge.

Examination Deadlines

  • Application due – October 4, 2019    for exam dates December 6-20, 2019
  • Application due – February 7, 2020  for exam dates April 10-24, 2020
  • Application due – June 12, 2020       for exam dates August 14-28, 2020
  • Application due – October 2, 2020   for exam dates December 4-18, 2020


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